Oppose An Article 5 Con-Con


We (CUACC) oppose any attempt to call for any resolution that calls for an Article 5 Constitutional Convention or an Article 5 “Convention of the States” because such a convention cannot be limited to any one single issue which means that our entire United States Constitution can be re-written at a run-a-way (out of control) convention!

We  no longer have a super majority of patriotic and principled statesmen  like what we had in the eighteenth century, instead we have a subversive  media and left leaning educational system with radio, television,  movies and many treacherous multi-billionaires, including George Soros  and Michael Bloomberg who can buy or choose the delegates to such a  convention!

Can you imagine anyone stupid enough to risk having such a convention that will gamble away our limited government constitution for a “Balanced Budget” that will not accomplish anything, because that can be accomplished by just simply raising our taxes instead of just reducing spending?

By changing our constitution, we can get a whole new government that may cause our nation to become part of an international world socialist government without any constitutionally protected rights for individuals!

The best and only solution is to get many state legislatures to pass a resolution to rescind their previous resolution that calls for a Constitutional Convention!

Please  click on to this website, print out and send this resolution to Members  of your State Legislatures, if you live in a State that has an Article 5  Resolution:


Then click on to a resolution to rescind a con-con.

To learn more, go to: www.noconcon.wordpress.com

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